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Death At A Funeral: film trailer

Thanks to Bksreader from the forum, who managed to find this link to the DAAF film trailer. It isn't fantastic quality but the film looks funny!

Editing to add that Kerry found a better quality version on You Tube. Thanks for all the information shared!

Editing again to add an official MGM weblink with the best quality trailer.

Correction of DAAF Award

A slight correction on the name of the Award that Death at a Funeral received at the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen in March 2007.


According to, Death at a Funeral received the Cinemax Audience Award.


For a complete listing of the awards, please visit  

Death at a Funeral wins at Aspen Comedy Festival!

According to the Hollywood Reporter , Death at a Funeral won the feature film audience award.



Grazia Interview of Keeley (Jan 2007)

The following is a transcription of an interview from Grazia magazine. The scan is in the gallery, along with an image of Keeley. Thank you to kls010 for the interview and scan!

Click on read more!

Death at a Funeral Premiere in Aspen



DAAF has it's world premiere at the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen

Friday, March 2 at 5:15 pm at Isis 2

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