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Trailer for Anna Karenina

The trailer for Anna Karenina has finally been released by MSN. Anna Karenina opens in the UK on 7 September.  Enjoy the first glimpse of Matthew Macfadyen in Anna Karenina!

Pre-screening comments on Anna Karenina

Many of us have been impatient to see the trailer for Anna Karenina or even a photo of Matthew Macfadyen from the film.  To help us in the wait, forum members have been gathering some of the comments from people who have already seen the film.  Here are some that are related to Matthew:


Chris Narine ;@thechrisvolta :  Just saw Anna Karenina. Mark your Oscar ballots for Knightley & Macfadyen. A beautiful work of art, & effective story. 5/5 

@JosephKocharian : @MichaelFildes test screening! Matthew Mac is amazing, it's really great. Loved it.

Deathsdesign: Keira was fantastic. I most certainly see some acclaim for her in regards of awards. Matthew Macfadyen was my favourite though. He completely owns the screen and has a fantastic presense about him. 


Pre-screening of Anna Karenina

Apparently, a pre-screening of Anna Karenina was recently held and the following was tweeted:

#AnnaKarenina was excellent! Will go down a storm I'm sure. Knightly was brilliant, but MacFadyen stole the show. It's random in places(cont)

...but utterly compelling at the same time. Mixture of film, theatre, art, fashion, history...brilliantly told! #kudos

Hopefully we'll see an official photo of Matthew Macfadyen soon, too!  

Anna Karenina's Oscar Manoeuvering

Focus features has decided to position Anna Karenina for Oscar contender by releasing the movie in the US a full two months after it opens in the U.K.  Anna Karenina is scheduled to be released on September 7th in the UK while it will have a limited release on November 9th in the U.S.  Matthew Macfadyen reteams with Keira Knightley and Joe Wright.

For a full list of release dates, visit IMDb.

Anna Karenina is Experimental

Director Joe Wright told Empire Magazine (via Playlist) that three weeks before filming began for Anna Karenina, he scrapped routine plans to film in the UK and Russia. Instead, he desired something more experimental. He decided to film the majority of the Russian epic in a run down theatre stage built from scratch at Shepperton Studios.

Thus the tale of a love triangle within the Russian aristocracy and its themes of trying to find an authentic life will play out in a theatre with movie magic creating a "fluid linearity" says Wright. The stage will be an ice rink at one point, a train station the next - characters will "walk from one house under the 'stage' straight onto the horse training ground" and doors will lead to Russian landscapes.

Cutaway wide shots to show exteriors and scale will employ toy trains and dollhouses, while anachronistic flourishes (ie. props and elements from more modern and/or ancient times) will intrude as Anna's sanity unravels. Only Domhnall Gleeson's character Levin will venture outside the theatre as he is the only truly authentic character amongst a group of posers and is thus "able to go out in the real world".

source: Dark Horizons

In other Anna Karenina news, the first photo of Keira Knightley from Anna Karenina can be seen HERE.  

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