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Anna Karenina: Bafta Nominations

Anna Karenina has been nominated in several categories for the BAFTA's including Outstanding British Film.  Here is the full list of Anna Karenina nominations:

  • Outstanding British Film
  • Cinematography
  • Costume Design
  • Makeup & Hair
  • Original Music
  • Production Design

Congratulations to Anna Karenina!

Anna Karenina: DVD/Blu-ray coming to you in February

Anna Karenina will be available both in the US and UK in February 2013 only a few weeks apart.

Amazon UK  available Feb 4th

Amazon US available Feb 19th

  • DVD (one disk version)
  • Blu-ray (two disk version)

The combo pack will have Blu-ray, DVD, UV and digital copy


  • Deleted Scenes
  • Anna Karenina : An Epic Story About Love
  • Adapting Tolstoy
  • Keira as Anna
  • On the Set with Director Joe Wright
  • Dressing Anna
  • Anna Karenina : Time-Lapse Photography
  • Feature Commentary with Director Joe Wright

Anna Karenina: For Your Consideration- Matthew Macfadyen for Oscar Nod

The Playlist has an interesting article about 5 supporting performances that deserve an Oscar nod. Matthew Macfadyen's stellar performance in Anna Karenina is among those 5.

Matthew Macfadyen - "Anna Karenina"

Too divisive to get Academy traction in anything except craft categories, "Anna Karenina" is positively stuffed with performances that could have made it to this feature: Domhnall Gleeson as the lovelorn Levin, Alicia Vikander as the pure, lovely Kitty, Jude Law giving one of his very best turns as Anna's cuckolded husband. But for us, the pick of the bunch is a somewhat unlikely one, Matthew Macfadyen, as Anna's brother Oblonsky. Reuniting with his "Pride & Prejudice" director Joe Wright in an entirely different kind of role, Macfadyen is something of a revelation; buried underneath a walrus moustache, he's a boisterous, vibrant man of enormous appetites, and Macfadyen positively relishes the chance to seize a man with so much carpe diem (particularly when put in contrast with the brooding, repressed Mr. Darcy). Oblonsky's kind of a shit, unapologetically and repeatedly cheating on his doting wife (Kelly Macdonald), but Macfadyen's so endearing in the role that you can't help but like him. Which helps when it comes to the end; his final appearance, after his sister's suicide, is heartbreaking, a beautifully simple and silent bit of acting from the performer, showing a man who has always been so broad and vivacious suddenly subdued and broken. The complete lack of awards buzz for Macfadyen has killed whatever slim chance might have originally existed, but he's certainly worth a second look.

Anna Karenina: Variety: Eye on the Oscars for Best Picture

Variety mentions some comments made by the producers of Anna Karenina, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner & Paul Webster.  Here's an interesting one:

DOMINO EFFECT: "Keira came on first, then Matthew Macfadyen and Jude Law followed quickly. Because of the momentum, we were fortunately able to get our pick of British actors who, for their stature, did quite small roles."

Anna Karenina: Critic's Choice Awards Nominations 2012

Anna Karenina has been nominated for 2 awards in the Critic's Choice Awards in the following categories:

  1. Best Art Direction: Sarah Greenwood/Production Designer, Katie Spencer/Set Decorator
  2. Best Costume Design: Jaqueline Durran

You can view the entire list of nominations on the Critic's Choice Awards website


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