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Telegraph Article: Anna Karenina- Back From the Brink

The Telegraph has done an article detailing how Joe Wright came up with the artistic freedom he used for Anna Karenina.  The article makes several mentions of Matthew Macfadyen, detailed below.

If Karenin represents love of duty and God; then Anna’s jolly brother Stepan Oblonsky (Matthew Macfadyen), a serial adulterer who nevertheless loves his family, stands for a love of appetites.

“Cut!” cries Wright, now clearly enjoying himself. He’s even grown a moustache out of solidarity with Taylor-Johnson and Macfadyen. Oblonsky’s is so enormous it takes over his whole face. “This is a beautifully whiskery film,” says I vana Primorac, the hair and make-up designer.

Fans of Macfadyen’s performance as Mr Darcy in Pride & Prejudice, will be surprised to see that his Oblonsky is a heavy man, with the “broad box of a chest” that Tolstoy describes. Playing a character incapable of depression, Macfadyen begins the film laughing and eating and never really stops. “It’s all there on the page, so I jumped in,” he says, “I loved it.”

Be sure to read the whole article on The Telegraph!

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Anna Karenina World Premiere Featurette

Lots of behind the scenes stuff in this video.

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Dancing in Costume comes easily to Matthew in Anna Karenina

In keeping with the fun and frolics of the upper classes at that time, the lead cast were all expected to dance – and we don’t mean throwing some shapes on a Saturday night dancing – we’re talking ball gowns and waltzes and major concentration. Keira found it ‘really, really, really difficult. He [Matthew] actually did find it really easy – it was really depressing. I’m usually quite quick at picking things like that up but actually I found it impossible and he’d just do it in about five seconds.’

Source: Grazia

Second UK TV Trailer for Anna Karenina

The second UK trailer for Anna Karenina has appeared and again Jane was able to capture and share it with US. Thank you!

Still no glimpse of Matthew Macfadyen. Anna Karenina opens in the UK on September 7

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Anna Karenina international release dates

It has been confusing trying to keep up with the various changes in release dates for Anna Karenina.  Universal has a web page summary where you can check the date for your country.  Look HERE.

Thanks to Luce for the link!

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