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Bord Scannán na hÉireann / The Irish Film Board, The Northern Ireland Film & Television Commission and Eclipse Pictures present A Green Park Films production in association with Chapter Four
- M I D D L E T O W N -
Matthew Macfadyen
Daniel MaysMiddletown Gabriel Hires
Eva Birthistle
Gerard McSorley
Written by Daragh Carville
Produced by Michael Casey
Directed by Brian Kirk
Running time: TBC
Certificate: 15a
For further information on this release please contact
Siobhán Farrell, Eclipse Pictures, 25 Hatch Place, Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 634 0112; email: siobhan@eclipsepictures.ie
- M I D D L E T O W N -

The Night of The Hunter meets The Crucible
A modern-day western about God, man and the madness in between. In the context of a single family, in a single place, it tackles the issues of the fundamental versus the secular which so dominate the world we live in today. Middletown is an explosive tale of the ambition and betrayal threatening to tear one family apart forever. If it was a song, Johnny Cash would have written it.


Set in Ireland, this atmospheric and explosive drama tells the tale of one cleric's chilling determination to rid a rural town of its corruption and sin. Preacher Gabriel (Matthew Macfadyen) returns home to Middletown and finds the towns inhabitants given over to vice and sin. Determined to save the souls of his flock, he sets about imposing a new order... However, Gabriel's godly intentions mask a dark and malevolent heart with his damning sermons pitting neighbour against neighbour. Even Gabriel's own family are not free from attack - his younger brother Jim (Daniel Mays) and wife (Eva Birthistle) are first to suffer Gabriel's moral crusade as Gabriel cannot

Middletown Receives a 15 Rating by BBFC

According to BBFC Middletown receives a 15 rating and is to open in the UK on November 24, 2006.

BBFC reference AFF229862


Classified 15 September, 2006 .Run Time 89m 5s

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Its amazing what you find on your travels. Lots of Perfect Strangers screencaps have been added to the galleries. WinkLatest Gallery Additions

Latest Gallery Additions

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