Middletown: Another Cork Review (Oct 2006)

Middletown 2 out of 4 stars

The scariest preacher ever to have appeared in a movie was most certainly the one played by Robert Mitchum in Charles Laughton's The Night of the Hunter. And the messenger of God in Judaism, Christianity and Islam is the angel Gabriel. So it may not be entirely a coincidence that the scary preacher in this movie is named Gabriel Hunter. He is played by Matthew Macfadyen, who was last seen playing Mr. Darcy to Keira Kightley's Lizzie Bennet in Pride & Prejudice. His Gabriel has returned to his titular hometown in Northern Ireland to take the reins of the local Church of God. Gabriel has undergone years of vaguely described religious training and missionary work, and he has now come home, without the slightest ounce of doubt in his mind, to

Middletown: Review from Cork Film Festival (Oct 2006)

51st Cork Film Festival: Highlights

Middletown By Iain Houten and Michael John O’Shea

Director: Brian Kirk

Running time: 88 minutes

As the most high-profile home-grown film at the festival, the screening of Middletown was met with keen interest. Supported by well known actors and directed by prolific programme maker Brian Kirk, it tells the story of Gabriel(Matthew McFadyen ), a man who in his early youth is urged by his Father and the village Reverend to answer Gods calling and become a preacher of the faith. Cut to fifteen years later and the village has fallen into an apparent state of Godlessness. The ailing Reverend is retiring and Gabriel returns from the missions in Africa to take his place. The film examines the friction that occurs between Gabriel, his family and the entire village as he attempts to reinstate Biblical law. He becomes compelled beyond reason to cleanse his flock, creating more evil than he could ever have hoped to vanquish.

Matthew Macfadyen has a baby boy!

SecretWifeOfTomQuinn also discovered that Matthew was invited to an interview on BBC Ulster on Friday, October 13th, on Arts Extra.

You can listen to the interview. MrsQ reports that If you listen carefully to the interview, you'll notice that Matthew mentions that he had a BABY BOY, four weeks ago....

We hope to have the interview of Matthew on our site eventually. You hear Matthew speak with an Irish accent.

Thank you for all of your incredible finds, MrsQ!


SecretWifeOfTomQuinn has discovered some more valuable information!

First, she discovered this image of Matthew along with Eva Birthistle on the Irish Film and Television Network website.

Update on Robin Hood's Quest: Another Matthew Narration

Play.com had originally scheduled Robin Hood's Quest to be released this week on October 20, 2006. Unfortunately, I see that Play.com has changed all of the release dates.

Read more for futher details
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