Matthew Macfadyen at Cork Film Festival?

A poster with the name of mmur10k at IMDB reports he/she went to the Cork Film festival and Matthew Macfadyen was there!

Read more to see the link and quote.

More Nuremberg

Nuremberg Trials programme Part 3, broadcast on BBC2 last night, is now in the galleries in 4 separate clips. Clip 1 is ropey for 10 mins due to interference (sorry) but the rest are ok. Cubbie866 will hopefully make some audio clips of it later and we can post a sample here for you to listen to very soon!

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More Spooks series 2 screencaps and video clips recently uploaded to the galleries.Latest Image

Middletown: more news!

Mrs Q on Pemberworth made this to give us a countdown to the UK release of Middletown on November 24th. The BBFC have classified the trailer on 29th September

FilmTrailer26/09/2006Verve Pictures Ltd1m 39sNo cutMIDDLETOWN

Film15/09/2006Verve Pictures Ltd89m 5sNo cutMIDDLETOWN


Edit: The release date was unfortunately changed to 2007

Cork Film Festival and Irish Theatrical Release Date Announced For Middletown!

According to the Irish Film Board

The much anticipated screening of Middletown, directed by Brian Kirk also features at the (Cork Film) Festival. Written by Daragh Carville and starring Matthew MacFadyen, Daniel Mays, Eva Birthistle and Gerard McSorley, the film chronicles the events when an overzealous priest returns to his home town and ends up battling against his brother for the heart of the locals. Middletown is due for nationwide release on November 3rd.

We now have a more concrete Irish release date of November 3rd. Also Middletown will be shown at the Cork Film festival on Oct. 12 at 18:00 hour. See Events Calendar on right.

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