Little Dorrit

Episode 14 of Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit Ep 14/14
Thursday 11 December
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE

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Mr Merdle's death sends shockwaves through London, as it transpires that his phenomenal bank has gone bankrupt and the thousands of people who invested in him are facing financial ruin, in the final part of the Dickensian drama adapted by Andrew Davies. One of those unfortunate people is Arthur, who soon finds himself in the Marshalsea Debtors' Prison.

Amy, Fanny and Tip are also in dire financial straits, as it transpires that Mr Dorrit's money has also been lost in the great Merdles Bank collapse. But money troubles mean less than nothing to Amy when she learns that Arthur lies gravely ill in prison, and she leaves her sister and brother in order to go to Marshalsea to look after him.

Rigaud, meanwhile, who has been missing, presumed dead, re-emerges at full strength – finally ready, it seems, to reveal his full set of cards to Mrs Clennam. But what exactly does he know about the House of Clennam and, when she finds out, will Mrs Clenham finally give in to his threats?

The Daily Record Says Don't Miss the last episodes of Little Dorrit

The Daily Record has a very spoilery article on the final two episodes of Little Dorrit. You can read it here. (thanks Steph!)

It had this to say about Matthew Macfadyen:

"... and Matthew Macfadyen as Arthur Clennam, the rock around which all previous storms have dashed themselves.

Macfadyen's role could easily have been a bore but he somehow managed to convey Arthur's saintly, solid reliability without ever making it tedious.

That solidity is shaken in the final episode..."


BBC apologises for dropping Little Dorrit

It took 4,680 complaints from BBC viewers to make the BBC apologise for dropping Little Dorrit from their schedule so suddenly, Thursday night.  You can read the story here.

Episode 12 will be shown on Sunday, December 7 at 6:45 pm (not 6:15 pm) during the regularly scheduled omnibus viewing.

No Little Dorrit Tonight

Normally, Episode 12 of Little Dorrit should be shown tonight, but the BBC has delayed it in favour of news about the kidnapping case of little Shannon Matthews.

We'll update this as we learn more.  Thank you for letting us know, JaneV.

Edit: it seems episode 12 will be shown in Scotland at its regular timeslot on Friday December 5, but the UK will be seeing it on Sunday the 7th at 6:15pm, unless the BBC changes it again.

Cast interviews from Little Dorrit

Thanks to a member of the C19 forum for finding this video. Digital Spy has posted a video of several cast members of Little Dorrit. You can see Matthew Macfadyen several times.

You can watch the interview here.

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