Little Dorrit

Reminders to watch Matthew Macfadyen on TV

Matthew Macfadyen can be heard tomorrow on Britain's Yesterday channel doing the narration for Nuremberg - Nazi's on Trial

'Albert Speer' is on at 11.00pm on Monday 6th April on Yesterday

In the US, Matthew can be watched on PBS' Masterpiece Classic as Arthur Clennam in the second episode of Little Dorrit.   Catch your local PBS listing for Sunday, April 5.

Reviews of Little Dorrit very positive

Reviews of Little Dorrit have been gathered by and it seems that it has received a score of "universal acclaim"

You can read the reviews and score here.

Matthew on US Television

Little Dorrit has started on PBS (Masterpiece Classic) as of Sunday night-- March 29, 2009.  Also, Matthew will appear on Episode 7 of Ashes to Ashes, currently showing on BBC America.  Episode 7 will air on Saturday, April 18.

Finally, Matthew will appear in Miss Marple's A Pocket Full of Rye, which will be shown on PBS' Masterpiece Mystery some time between July 5 - 26.

Matthew attends RTS Awards

Last night the Royal Television Society Programme Awards were held, where Matthew Macfadyen was nominated for Best Actor in Little Dorrit.  Although he didn't win this year, you can see photos of him with the winner, Ben Whishaw, and Keeley Hawes at Rex Features.

Congratulations Ben!

The full list of winners can be found here.

Masterpiece Classic Promo of Little Dorrit

You can view the Little Dorrit webpage for Masterpiece Classic here. It airs March 29 - April 26, 2009 on PBS.

Also, this promo shows lots of Little Dorrit.

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