Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit sent for Emmy consideration

According to the LA Times, PBS and BBC have teamed together and created a special DVD combination which has been shipped to Emmy voters.  The DVD contains 5 installments of Little Dorrit.

You can read more about this on the LA Times.

Matthew Macfadyen nominated for Best Actor

Matthew Macfadyen has been nominated for Best Actor for his role as Arthur Clennam in Dickens' Little Dorrit by the TV Choice and TV Quick Awards.  Also, Little Dorrit has been nominated for Best New Drama.

Currently voting is still open.  Vote HERE.

Andrew Davies discusses the characters of Little Dorrit

Thanks to Cathy who found this slide show on the PBS Masterpiece website.  It's a slide show of the characters in Little Dorrit, with audio of screenwriter Andrew Davies discussing how he wrote them.

Watch the slideshow here.  (Be sure to catch what he says about Arthur Clennam and Matthew Macfadyen!)

BBC backpedals on Bonnets

Little Dorrit didn't receive the critical acclaim in the UK that was expected, perhaps because it was being shuffled to different time slots (even at the last minute) and the half hour serial broadcasts.  Previously the BBC said it would probably step away from making period dramas.

However, with the format that PBS is adopting (showing Little Dorrit in longer segments on a weekly basis) and the the rave reviews in the US, BBC is rethinking this idea. From the Telegraph's interview with Ben Stephenson, controller of BBC drama commissioning:

Also still important to the BBC, says [Ben] Stephenson, is period drama. Reports that Auntie is to abandon her bonnets are, he says, wide of the mark. “We are really pretty much the only place in the world that makes this kind of drama – the reviews of Little Dorrit in America at the moment are quite extraordinary,” he explains. 

On the set of Little Dorrit

Forum member, amelie, has found a lot of photos from the set of Little Dorrit.  Some show cast and crew, and others show scenes from Europe, including Venice.  You can also see the destruction of the Clennam house.

You can view the photos here.

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