Criminal Justice

Dennis Lawson finishes filming for Criminal Justice

Dennis Lawson, who is co-starring with Matthew Macfadyen in Criminal Justice, appeared on the One Show on BBC today and stated that he had only last night completed filming for Criminal Justice.

Criminal Justice is expected to be aired this autumn.

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Criminal Justice coming soon

TV and Satellite Week has printed a short blurb about Criminal Justice, which Lorna was able to scan and share with us.


Criminal Justice coming soon

Matthew Macfadyen clip in Criminal Justice

BBC Press Office has released a clip of shows that will be released this Autumn on BBC.  Included is a clip of Matthew Macfadyen in Criminal Justice.

Watch the clip HERE.  (This can only be viewed if you live in the UK)

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6point7 also found another clip that anyone can watch at the BBC.(click on the Criminal Justice photo with Maxine Peake to start the video)

Criminal Justice will be gripping

According to the Mirror, Maxine Peake is utterly brilliant in this Autumn's Criminal Justice.

"The Shameless star plays depressed, middle-class housewife Juliet who finds herself in hot water after her barrister husband (Matthew Macfadyen) turns up a bit dead.

Just like last year, the drama will be screened on five consecutive weeknights in the autumn.

My source reveals: "The story is utterly gripping. You want to believe that she didn't do it but the problem is... maybe she did.""

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Criminal Justice II (2009)

Genre: A 5 part thriller. Made for BBC

Synopsis: Joe Miller (Matthew Macfadyen) is a barrister at the height of his professional powers. He is married to Juliet (Maxine Peake) who suffers from depression. They have one daughter, 13-year-old Ella. 

One night Joe is stabbed in his home. Life will never be the same again for the Miller family.

As fragile Juliet Miller travels through the criminal justice system under the constant scrutiny of police, prison and social services, questions of psychological and sexual abuse are raised.

She passes through the family courts and concludes her ordeal in aheart-rending denouement in the High Court. 

Matthew Macfadyen Role: Joe Miller, barrister

Status: Criminal Justice II starts filming in and around Londocriminal justicen May 2009. 

  • Shown as 5 hour long episodes on BBC One from October 5 through October 9, 2009 

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  • Amazon UK- Region 2 DVD (available December 28, 2009
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