Criminal Justice

Daily Express comments about Matthew's acting in Criminal Justice

The Daily Express has a print article which begins:

There can be no doubt about it, Matthew Macfadyen is at his best when he's gone over to the darkside.

The article goes on to include more of Matthew's acting abilities.  It has not yet been found online, though.  Thank you JaneV.  

Reviews of Matthew from Episode 1 of Criminal Justice

Forum members from the UK have now viewed the first episode of Criminal Justice and the universal feeling is being "unsettled".

Some comments about Matthew's acting: (Read further only if willing to know show spoilers)

Michael Ball reviews Criminal Justice

BBC Radio 2's Michael Ball Sunday Brunch has reviewed Criminal Justice, which he highly recommends. 

He also comments on Matthew Macfadyen, even calling him" a terrific actor, with that wonderful quality of doing apparently very little with so much going on inside his head and in his eyes which is a great screen actor."

You can listen again for a while HERE.  Go to approx 1hour 4 minutes.

(thanks to JaneV)

Criminal Justice Series Two DVD and artwork

The artwork for the series 2 DVD of Criminal Justice has now been revealed.  You can pre-order the dvd at

The current release date is December 28, 2009.

(thank you Matthieu!)

Criminal Justice Series Two DVD and artwork

Criminal Justice Website updated

The BBC Criminal Justice website has been updated, including a second preview of Episode One, this one involving Joe and Juliet in their sterile kitchen.

As always, it is only available for viewing in the UK!  (thank you Matthieu!)

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