Three Musketeers Interviews

Translation of Matthew Macfadyen Interview from Press clipping (Sep 2011)

Carmen was kind enough to scan an article about Matthew Macfadyen in the gallery and Mia translated some interesting portions from the interview as follows:

About Three Musketeers--

Macfadyen, better known for his roles in Pride and Prejudice and Death at a Funeral, says that, when he got the script he got a little scared because he thought is was too risky. "But then I thought, why not?" although he recognized that "purists will not like it but let’s let others enjoy this movie because this is an adventure film. There are people that may think that the movie should be true to the original but this book is so rich that there can be different adaptations." About the difference with "other more serious movies, there is not much difference in the way we work, You read the script and you play the part. Also, not complaining about spending some time in Germany."

Matthew Macfadyen & Logan Lerman Interview at San Sebastian Film Festival

This video was found by Carmen (sadly, Matthew's name was misspelled).  There is a Spanish translation over Matthew and Logan, but you can hear Matthew's dulcet tones better if you listen with a head phone.

Jump to 6:50.  This is where the Three Musketeers portions begin.

Transcript of Matthew by Carmen:

 (first portion): Lots of actors if they were are asked if they would like to be musketeers they would say yes, yes. also me, without any doubt.

(second portion) : There is adventure,amazing characters, very good looking characters, not me, but others , a little bit of everything, political intrigues, loyalty, love, honour... and then he says something about beards and facial hair (last portion difficult to hear)

(final portion in Spanish): Hola navarros!       Hello to the people who live in Navarra (English translation)

See video

Glamour (Oct 2011) Interview with the cast of Three Musketeers

Run out and buy the October 2011 issue of Glamour went "behind the scenes of the super-hot cast".  The interview has quotes from the various cast and include comments about Orlando Bloom wearing ladies underwear.Glamour (Oct 2011) Interview with the cast of Three Musketeers

Matthew Macfadyen Three Musketeers Interview Video

Someone has uploaded the video for Three Musketeers to youtube, so here it is!

See video

Full Matthew Macfadyen Interview Video and 5 Minute Exclusive Preview of the Three Musketeers

The full interview that Matthew Macfadyen gave for the Three Musketeers (at least what appears to be the full interview) can be viewed at HERE.  Scroll through the list on the right until you see Matthew Macfadyen (in English).

Also, if you watch the full 5 minute exclusive preview, you'll notice many new scenes.  Unfortunately, it is in German, with the horribly dubbed Athos voice.  It's still action packed and humorous!

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