Matthew Macfadyen & Logan Lerman Interview at San Sebastian Film Festival

This video was found by Carmen (sadly, Matthew's name was misspelled).  There is a Spanish translation over Matthew and Logan, but you can hear Matthew's dulcet tones better if you listen with a head phone.

Jump to 6:50.  This is where the Three Musketeers portions begin.

Transcript of Matthew by Carmen:

 (first portion): Lots of actors if they were are asked if they would like to be musketeers they would say yes, yes. also me, without any doubt.

(second portion) : There is adventure,amazing characters, very good looking characters, not me, but others , a little bit of everything, political intrigues, loyalty, love, honour... and then he says something about beards and facial hair (last portion difficult to hear)

(final portion in Spanish): Hola navarros!       Hello to the people who live in Navarra (English translation)

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