Middletown Receives a 15 Rating by BBFC

According to BBFC Middletown receives a 15 rating and is to open in the UK on November 24, 2006.

BBFC reference AFF229862


Classified 15 September, 2006 .Run Time 89m 5s

Gallery Statistics

I was looking at the latest gallery statistics and was delighted to see we had passed the 4000 image mark.

As of 1400 hrs GMT +1 today :

4033 files in 84 albums and 22 categories with 772 comments viewed 28964 times


Cubbie and I have also put together a list of every Matthew related item that is currently available to buy. You will be able to buy cheaper in places other than Amazon, but at least you know what can be bought online to add to your Matthew collection!  

Latest Gallery Additions

Its amazing what you find on your travels. Lots of Perfect Strangers screencaps have been added to the galleries. WinkLatest Gallery Additions

Latest Gallery Additions

I recieved my Personnel Files  book today and saw some images I hadn't seen before! They are uploaded to the galleries. 

Latest Gallery Additions

Pinky's love for Mr Darcy gets her on the BBC!

Reader I Married Him a new 4 part BBC series has one of our forum members appearing in it! Pinky Andrexa, the extremely talented poet and artist, was chosen to make an e-fit picture of the ideal Mr Darcy. She was among Mr Firth fans mainly Sealed but managed to defend her favourite Mr Darcy......

Here is an article from her local newspaper about the programme.

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