Matthew to music ???

In the mind of a dreamer by Christian Rusch

An experimental trance trip along ambient sound-scapes, twangy guitar notes and old-schoolish arp scales. Topping off this mix is an excerpt from Alex Garland's "The Coma", narrated by Matthew MacFadyen.

Copyright: Copyright © Christian Rusch & Penguin Books 2005-2006.
Credits: Music written & produced by Christian Rusch. Text written by Alex Garland (The Coma, Penguin Books Ltd), narration by Matthew MacFadyen.
Release Date: 23.09.2005
Genre: Ambient Trance
Time: 30 (original track)

Full track is in the galleries or can be downloaded from the website above.Found and shared by Mrs Q on Pemberworth Forum.

Middletown at Dinard Film Festival

The 17th Dinard British Film Festival is to be held between 5th and 8th October.

Middletown will be one of the scheduled festival films and will be shown on Thursday 5th October 2006 at 2pm in the Salle Alfred Hitchcock.

Middletown at Cork Film Festival

 MIDDLETOWN will premiere at the Cork Film Festival next week and will be released in Irish cinemas next month. The film festival runs from 8th to 15th October. Middletown will be shown on Thursday 12th at 6 p.m.


Thanks to Mrs Q on the forum for posting this


Off Stage: 100 Portraits Celebrating the RADA Centenary (Hardcover)

My copy arrived this morning!! Laughing Lovely brief interview with Matthew in it. I will scan it and put it in the galleries! The Cambridge Jones photo of Matthew lying on the bed is gorgeous of course!! Wink

Nuremberg Trials Part 2

Tonight on the BBC we have a programme clash in the UK! Part 2 of Matthews narration for the Nuremberg Trials is on at 9pm on BBC 2, while on BBC 4 at the same time, is the last part of Reader I Married Him with more clips from Pemberworths resident artist Pinky Andrexa.

With a bit of luck Pinky can tape her programme and I will be able to tape the audio for Nuremberg Trials.. ..and we will get them into the galleries soon!

Oh and Spooks series 5 is on BBC1 at the same time too! You would think the programmers at the BBC centre could do better!

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