Website updates and changes!

We have been happily surprised at the rapid pace of growth of our site and the amount of information we have added in the 5 months we have been in existence. But with growth and recognition, come trolls and spammers.

As a result, we have added some features to make it more difficult for spammers to attack our site. One feature that you will notice, I hope, a small additional step in posting comments. Be assured, we have added features that are working behind the scenes to stop trolls and spammers. However, we do not want it to impact on anyone else. If you are affected please use the contact form to let us know.

We are also doing some rearranging to hopefully make it easier to find some of the articles we have been adding.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays so far. Happy New Year from Darcylicious!

Another voiceover

Perfectlymatte of MMonline has discovered a commercial that we haven't heard before. Of course, Matthew is doing the narration.


You can listen to it here or in the gallery.


ITV Dramas - Keeley Hawes Interview (After Thomas) (Dec 2006)

Keeley Hawes plays Nicola Graham

It is hard playing real people as opposed to fictional ones?
It was difficult because it was based on a true story, we met the real parents and so you get that real image of somebody.

They were almost traumatised because people in the early nineties didn't recognise autism.

You've said you felt it was a great responsibility….

Well there is, especially as it's not even like the children's family are no longer with us but they're on set.
They came on scene where I was pushing the dog out of the room and having a fight with Andrew (Byrne, who plays Kyle).

Middletown DVD release

Lizzie006 on MMonline discovered that Middletown is available for pre-order on Amazon UK. According to Amazon UK it will be released on DVD on 26th March 2007.


Edit: SecretWifeofTomQuinn has found a 26th February 2007 release date for the DVD at several places. See comments below. As we are not sure which is the true release date, both will be mentioned until it is made official.


Thanks to both of you!

Matthew Holiday Dance

Matthew Holiday Dance.

Thanks to chocolatemonster for the link. Happy holidays from Darcylicious.


Edited on 18 March 2007: sadly this link no longer works! The animation can be found in the galleries.

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