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Matthew Macfadyen with Adam Rothenberg in NYC

Charlene McKenna has posted a photo of Matthew and Adam together in a NYC gallery. You can see the image HERE on Charlene's instagram

Ripper Street S5: BBC Media pack and Q&A with Matthew Macfadyen

Matthew Macfadyen is Detective Inspector Edmund Reid:
We catch up with Reid just days after the brutal murder of his long-time friend and colleague, Bennet Drake.

As if this was not enough to break him, Reid has found himself on the wrong side of the law - hunted down by Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove for his role in the extra-judicial killing of Theodore Swift.

As the streets of Whitechapel echo with his name - terrible rumours circulating and reaching his daughter Mathilda, he fears - Reid knows that he must bring down the rotten heart that has installed itself in Leman Street, must prove the corruption of Augustus Dove, as well as the murderous guilt of his brother Nathaniel.

Bennet Drake’s death demands justice, and peace on the streets of Whitechapel must be restored. But how will Reid do this when he must simultaneously stay hidden from the police?

Q&A with Matthew Macfadyen

Where do we find Reid, Jackson and Long Susan at the start of Series 5?

They're all pretty shell-shocked really and they end up in the Alexandria, which is Mimi Morton's theatre, which she acquired and is in the process of renovating. That's where they hide out. And she allows them to sort of live there; they're on the run basically.

Reid desperately wants to pursue Dove but he no longer has the arm of the law. How does this feel?

Ripper Street: Behind the Scenes

Ripper Street S5: Episode 1 Review (Den of Geek)

Den of Geek has posted a review of Series 5 Episode 1 of Ripper Street, titled "Closed Casket"

With characters on the run, stakes raised, and battle lines drawn, it’s a strong start to the fifth series. Ripper Street has steadily become a more consistently good show during its runtime and if the current trajectory holds, it will finish its time with us on a considerable high.

Read the review HERE.

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