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In My Father's Den London Movie Review (Jun 2005)

In My Father's Den


Four out of Five stars
Running time: 115 mins

Impressively directed, emotionally powerful drama with strong performances from McFadyen and Barclay.

In My Father's Den is the feature debut by New Zealand writer-director Brad McGann, who has adapted and updated a 1972 novel by Maurice Gee. An impressively directed drama, it remains emotionally engaging throughout, thanks to strong characterisation and superb performances from Matthew McFadyen and Emily Barclay.

In My Father's Den: Hollywood Reporter Review (Jun 2005)

In My Father's Den

June 27, 2005 by Ray Bennett

Words said and words never said speak as loud as actions in Brad McGann's stunning tale of betrayal and loss, "In My Father's Den."

Deliberately paced and finely nuanced, the New Zealand filmmaker's debut feature is beautifully crafted with memorable performances by a fine cast led by Englishman Matthew MacFadyen, who displays all the requisites for major stardom.

Richly atmospheric and suspenseful, "Father's Den" will need canny marketing and some patience to reach the grown-up audience that surely will respond to its dark story.

MacFadyen plays Paul, a successful photojournalist whose evocative pictures of the victims of war have won him fame and a Pulitzer nomination, which he mysteriously withdrew. Paul has returned to the small New Zealand town where he grew up because of his father's death, but he shies away from the funeral, and his welcome is far from warm at the family gathering afterward.
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