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Middletown Release in UK Unknown!

6point7 reports that Verve Pictures (the distributors of Middletown in the UK) have pulled the November 24th release date, there. Apparently they wish to pitch the movie at a less busy time of the year.

New clip of Middletown and a video review! (2006)

Mrs Q posted the following in the Pemberworth forum:


Follow this link, it's a 8mn21 segment from The View, a show of Rté Television on Middletown: including a clip from the movie (yeepee!) and very good reviews of Ted Sheehyn and Brenda Power, in particular. I quote

"Gabriel turns into such a fruitcake"

"Gabriel has problems with sexual repression"

"The best Irish movie of all time"

"Not to be seen on a Monday morning"

"It's not for the emotionally fragile, it is quite depressing"
"Not to be seen when you're feeling at all down"



If possible, I'll get the clip up to the gallery. Thank you so much, Mrs Q for the quotes and this amazing find!

Middletown Press Release From Eclipse



November 2, 2006

Irish film MIDDLETOWN directed by BAFTA-nominated Brian Kirk and written by new talent Daragh Carville, will be released in Irish cinemas this weekend by Eclipse Pictures. Starring Matthew Macfadyen (Pride & Prejudice), Daniel Mays (Vera Drake) and Eva Birthistle (Ae Fond Kiss) in the lead roles, this atmospheric and explosive drama tells the tale of one cleric’s chilling determination to rid a rural town of its corruption and sin.

MIDDLETOWN premiered at the Tribecca Film Festival where it was very well received by critics and co-stars an impressive ensemble of Ireland’s acting talent including Gerard McSorley, Mick Lally, David Wilmot, Frankie McCafferty, Bronagh Gallagher and Marie Jones.

The film was produced by Michael Casey in Green Park Films with funding from the Irish Film Board and the NIFTC, with international sales being handled by The Film Sales Company.

Middletown at Cardiff Film Festival

Thanks to perfectlymatte of MM Online for this find. Middletown will be shown at the Cardiff Film Festival on 13Middletown November 2006 at Cineworld 15.

You can book the event online using the link below.

Cardiff Film Festival

There is an audience award on the website where you can vote for a favourite film by text or online ...get your votes in!!

Anchorage International Film Festival Shows Middletown


Middletown will be shown at the Anchorage International Film Festival. Screening will occur on Saturday December, 9, 2006 in the Fireweed Theatre at 20:00.


See the AIFF website for more details

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