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Middletown shows poor return at the Irish Box Office

Middletown, which starred Matthew Macfadyen, was shown in only four cinemas and generated €14,800.

Irish cinemagoers turned out in droves to lap up Hollywood blockbusters last year, but locally made films failed their big-screen test. Despite the government giving more than €40m to the film industry, Irish movies took only €5m from the country’s €104m box-office bonanza.

This was reported in the Sunday Times

Middletown DVD Technical Specifications

Technical Details of Middletown DVD

Screen: Aspect Ratio 16:9,Anamorphic Widescreen

Languages: English

No. of Disks: 1

Region: Region 2

Special Features


Scene Selection.


It seems there won't be any deleted scenes, interviews, or extras, unfortunately. The date of release is still either February or March 2007 in UK

Bleeding Gabriel (Middletown) and Multiple Reviews

I found a bunch of reviews of Middletown scanned into a pdf file from an official source. Since it's a pdf file I'll upload it to the gallery for viewing.

Among the reviews was this upsetting image of Matthew as Gabriel.

Edit: 6point7 has been amazingly kind to fiddle with the quality of the scan. Thank you so much!

Bleeding Gabriel (Middletown) and Multiple Reviews

Chicago Irish Film Fest Shows Middletown

Middletown to show at Chicago Film Fest on March 2 at 8:30 pm.

Middletown to be shown in Chicago!

Middletown is going to be shown at the 2007 Chicago Irish Film Festival which runs from March 2 - 7, 2007.


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