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6point7 reviews Incendiary

Tonight, 6point7 was lucky enough to see an early preview of Incendiary.  I haven't included it here as it contains spoilers, but you can read it in the forum under Incendiary - The Spoiler Thread, if you wish.

She did say (read more only if you don't mind being spoiled)

Edit: You can read a review by Dotty here, as well.  Mind the spoilers!

Some more Incendiary Reviews

I had been editing an earlier post, but thought some people might miss them. I've posted these reviews in the forum earlier today.

Cinema Blend

Incendiary is a reaction to the world we now live in, where bombs are a constant threat. People in the world are vividly aware that the next big disaster is only a button press away. Rather than depress the audience, Incendiary aims to motivate. Telling us that no matter how badly we are beaten, we can never be broken. Unfortunately the ending falls flat, becoming too cheesy to truly inspire.

Times Online

But there’s so much in this ambitious/opportunistic effort that misses the mark, from the one-dimensional characters to the craven plotting and sentimental tone… Maguire is playing with fire, and it blows up in her face.

Edit: I've added a few more reviews.

A few more reviews of Incendiary from Sundance

Click on the links or read more to see the reviews.

LA Times (The Envelope) review of Incendiary

The Envelope has reviewed the audience reaction of the premiere of Incendiary. You can read the full review here.

Some excerpts:

She finds herself being pursued by the McGregor -- the shifty Lothario -- and her husband's awkward colleague, played by Matthew Macfadyen.


Reaction to the film, which was just complete on Friday, seemed to split down gender lines, with the female audience members I talked to gushing about how their maternal instincts kicked in when seeing Williams' aching love her her lost child, while their stoic boyfriends shrugged and mumbled platitudes about Williams' performance.

First comments of Incendiary from Sundance

I found the following comments about Incendiary, which premiered last night at the Sundance Film Festival.

We saw our first premiere tonight, called Incendiary, it stars Michelle Williams and Ewen McGregor, neither of whom showed up. I thought it was pretty good, David wasn't so impressed. It takes place in London after a terrorist bomb hits a soccer stadium.

Incendiary will show 3 more times at Sundance.

You can read more from about Sundance in the blog here.

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