Death At A Funeral Interviews

A bit more of the Macfadyen Interview for DAAF (Aug 2007)

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Matthew Macfadyen didn’t plan all this

‘I always feel like it’s out of my hands’

Exclusive Interview by Frank Oz has an exclusive interview with Frank Oz.  It's quite an interesting read with great insights into the movie Death at a Funeral. 

Mathew Macfadyen after Pride and Prejudice (Aug 2007)

Matthew Macfadyen has done an interview for Please visit the site for the full interview.

MoviesOnline interview with Alan Tudyk

MoviesOnline continues today with an interview with Alan Tudyk.  It seems to pick up with some of the interesting tidbits from the Oz/Nyman interview!

Read about it here

Video Interviews from Locarno

Thanks to Matthieu for finding these video clips of Frank Oz and M. Lindsay discussing Death at a Funeral at Locarno 60th Film Festival in Italy.  The clips of the interviews are in English and can be viewed on the right hand side of this page

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