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Anna Karenina: Photoset from TIFF

While in Toronto for Anna Karenina, Matthew Macfadyen had a photoshoot with photographer Henny Garfunkel, as did the rest of the cast of Anna Karenina.

You can see a photo of Matthew HERE.  Also, if you search for Matthew's name on Camerapress, you can see more photos from the photoshoot.

Anna Karenina: Photo of Matthew Macfadyen as Oblonsky

Anna Karenina continues to open in more theatres globally, therefore, to entice to you go, here is another photo of Matthew Macfadyen as the philandering husband Oblonsky.

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(thanks Marina!)

Anna Karenina: Another Behind The Scenes Image

There are several newly released behind the scenes images from Anna Karenina. Here is one with Matthew Macfadyen and Joe Wright.

(Thanks to Universal Spain and Luce for the find!)

Anna Karenina: Photos from London Premiere

The Universal Pictures of Spain has uploaded a lot of photos from the London Premiere of Anna Karenina, including photos with both Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes.

You can view the photos HERE.

Thanks to Luce!

Anna Karenina: Some Behind The Scenes Images

Thanks to Luce for letting us know about this one. W Magazine has posted some gorgeous behind the scenes images from Anna Karenina, 2 of which include Matthew Macfadyen as Oblonsky.

You can view all of the Images HERE, or jump to the Oblonsky photos HERE and HERE.

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