"Don't" Trailer

"Don't", also known as "Don't Scream" is a mock trailer that is shown in the movie Grindhouse. As confusing as this sounds, Grindhouse is actually two movies, "Planet Terror" and "Death Proof". During the intermission of these two movies, will be shown several mock trailers, one of which is called "Don't" (also know as "Don't Scream").

"Don't" is directed by Edgar Wright and took six days to film and edit. It is 90 seconds long and shows 30 celebrity actors during that short time frame. According to the LA Times:

Wright created a trailer that is a pastiche of English haunted house pictures and super-stylized European horror films. The very title of Wright's faux film is the central punch line for the trailer (and so it will not be revealed here).

Viewers with a deep knowledge of British acting talent will be able to spot not only "Shaun" stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but also such faces as Jason Isaacs, Matthew Macfadyen, Georgina Chapman, Lucy Punch, Stuart Wilson and Katie Melua. The uproariously paced narration was done by "Arrested Development" star — and voice of GMC truck ads — Will Arnett.


Horror, Comedy, Satire

Matthew Macfadyen Role:

Man who gauges out eyes


US Theatrical release April 6, 2007

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