Ripper Street

Further photos from the filming of Ripper Street

More photos from the filming of Ripper Street have been published by the lovely women of Cozycot!  Lots include Matthew Macfadyen.

Thanks go out to Marina for letting us know!

Lots of photos from the filming of "Ripper Street"

Lots of GORGEOUS new photos of the filming of "Ripper Street" have surfaced, including many with Matthew Macfadyen.

The caption reads ""Ripper Street" is currently using a Dublin army barracks and the area in and around Dublin Castle to re-create London's East End in 1889. In this scene a murder has happened in an alley way of a young girl who has had her throat cut. Dublin, Ireland."

Warning Spoilers!

Edit: the Daily Mail now has an article about the same photos.

Matthew Macfadyen photo from Ripper Street

The first promotional photo of Matthew Macfadyen from Ripper Street has been posted.  Ladies, he doesn't have a beard or mustache!


credit: BBC/C21 Media


Edit: thanks for the find, cellisticone.  You can see a bigger picture on BBC America
2nd Edit: again via cellisticone: 

 Left to right: Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn), Detective Inspector Edmund Reid, (Matthew Macfadyen) and Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg)

Credit:  BBC, Photographer Jonathan Hession

BBC America will show Ripper Street

Variety is confirming that BBC America will be co-producing Ripper Street, which began filming in Dublin this month. Ripper Street stars Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn, set in 1889, right after the murders by Jack the Ripper.

BBC America may be airing Ripper Street this fall.

Dublin locations to represent Ripper's London

Forum member arco was able to find some of the locations that will be used to reprent 1889 London, just after the Jack the Ripper's murders.  You can see photos of Dublin's Clancy Quay HERE.

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