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Going to the States

My previous posts seem to have disappeared so this is just a quick note which I am hoping will stay.  The lovely girls who went to see the final night of The Pain and The Itch report that Matthew is headed to the United States on August 5, and that he is to see the play Frost/Nixon on Tuesday.

Variety confirms production start for Frost/Nixon

According to Variety, production for Frost/Nixon will begin on August 24, 2007.  Those in California, watch for the infamous "beach scene".

Filming for Frost/Nixon to begin August 27

According to Radar exclusive, there has been a lot of backstage drama between the principal actors of Frost/Nixon.  I'll let you click on the link to get the full story.   However, this interesting bit of information was given.

"The problem is that the pair's final performance in Frost/Nixon is on August 19. Eight days later they start shooting the movie.

Frank Langella Wins Tony for Frost/Nixon!

Frank Langella just won a Tony for Best Actor in Frost/Nixon the play.  He will also play the same part as Nixon in the upcoming film, Frost/Nixon to begin filming in Los Angeles in August.  Matthew Macfadyen plays John Birt in this film.

Bacon joins the cast of Frost/Nixon

Multiple sources, including the Washington Post claims that actor Kevin Bacon has joined the staff of Frost/Nixon.

Bacon, who is set to play Nixon's chief of staff Jack Brennan, joins Sam Rockwell, Toby Jones and Matthew Macfadyen.

Ron Howard is directing the Working Title/Universal project, which will begin shooting in late summer.

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