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Frost/Nixon World Premiere at London's BFI Film Festival

According to Screen Daily, London's BFI Film Festival will be the world premiere of Frost/Nixon on October 15.

Metro has an article on it now too. Thanks 6point7!

IMDb poster comments on Macfadyen's performance in Frost/Nixon

IMDb poster, steveg 1023 had this to say about Matthew Macfadyen's role in Frost/Nixon.

...I also was lucky enough to see a screening and take part in a group Q&A with Ron Howard.

MacFadyen's solid, but he really is a supporting role in a movie that really belongs to Sheen and Langella. HIs character is very Darcy-ish in the sense that you know there's a lot of emotion brimming under the surface, and it only comes out in controlled outbursts. He serves as a nice foil to Sheen's emphasis on charisma and a playboy attitude.

He gets one of the best moments of the movie, though. It's quick, but I don't want to spoil it.

Frost/Nixon to open in January in the UK

Matthieu has discovered that Frost/Nixon is currently scheduled to open on Friday, 9 January 2009, in the UK, according to this site. These dates may change, however.

Ron Howard moves at a frenetic pace

Variety reports the following about Ron Howard and Frost/Nixon:

Howard will shoot "Angels & Demons" as he supervises editing and post-production on the screen adaptation of the Peter Morgan play "Frost/Nixon." That film, which Howard wrapped shooting last week, has tentatively been slotted for a late 2008 release.

On the set of Frost/Nixon

Filming for Frost/Nixon has begun.  This person's blog seems to tell us some of the details.
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