Topcat's poem to Matthew

‘Please Don’t Change’ - TC 19th June 2006

Some strive for riches, unwisely for fame
Others have talent and wish not to attain
The stardom that lasts for merely a day
And the glory so transient, fickle and vain

Hollywood took notice of you as Mr D
But you did not sell your soul for comfortable roles
Instead you stayed true to your craft and chose parts
That would prove your worth and warm our hearts

Your talent is boundless, the world yet to learn
The depth of your soul and how deep your passion burns
Selfishly I ask myself “do I want you to be a star?”
“Share you with the world?”

I worry you will change, not be ‘our Matthew’ any more
Leave our shores behind and make another life
Where fans would love you, but only for a while
Then drop you when ‘another bright star’ hit the road

On your path to worldwide acclaim
Remember us who were with you every step of the way
Who route for you, love you, think of you every day
Who see beyond your dazzling smile, piercing eyes, to all that you are;

“For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with Kings”