Darcy Role Makes Macfadyen A Hit With The Ladies (Nov 2005)

Darcy Role Makes MacFayden A Hit With The Ladies

8th November 2005 00:00:00


British actor MATTHEW MacFADYEN is attracting so much female attention since playing heart-throb MR DARCY in PRI DE AND PREJUDICE, his wife has decided to hit back.

MacFadyen became an overnight pin-up when he appeared alongside KEIRA KNIGHTLEY as JANE AUSTEN's hunky hero, but his partner KEELEY HAWES is outraged at the brazen comments she has heard about his good looks.

Hawes, 28, who is mother to MacFadyen's baby daughter MAGGIE, believes fans are untactful and unnerving.

She says, "One of the mothers at school said to me, 'I saw Pride And Prejudice. Matthew's so romantic.'

"I suddenly thought, 'Hang on you're talking about my husband.' You wouldn't go to the pub and say, 'I saw your husband last night - phwoarr.'

"Suddenly it's perfectly OK for the entire nation to say, 'Your husband's really fit and he's got nice legs.'"

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