A Belfast Screener's review of Middletown (Oct 2006)


Mrs Q found this review. Thank you!

David Minogue wrote is his blog an review of Middletown which he saw in Belfast on Friday, October 13, 2006. I have included a few teasers, but READ MORE to see the full review.

...As I bringing a friend to see it I asked the staff member who gave me the tickets did she know what the film genre was, to which she replied she thought it was a horror. So I half expected it to be, the then unreleased "Saw III" or William Friedkin's ultra gory forthcoming "Bug" maybe, whereas, both of us squeamish,...

...So I watched this film with a sense of dread but by the end of it left it with the knowing that while it went completely over the top two thirds in it was a very well shot, generally well acted...

...It is well directed by Brian Kirk and the screenplay by Daragh Carville is, for the most part one that keeps the attention throughout. There is a fine supporting cast, all Irish actors,...

...Matthew McFadyen is unrecognisable as his former literary leading man as Darcy...


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Death at a Funeral up for sale for international distribution

Buyers going for the globe

Int'l intrigue awaiting at AFM


October 31, 2006


As the 27th American Film Market kicks off today in Santa Monica, even hardened vets are realizing that the past 26 years of experience are not going to give them any easy answers about what global audiences want.

Buyers and sellers of films are weighing info that appears contradictory as the international marketplace becomes increasingly fragmented. In this past year, pics have been gangbusters in some territories, but die in others....


"You are seeing competition come out of other territories," said Mark Lindsay, prexy of Sidney Kimmel Entertainment's intl. sales arm. "They can make these local productions and own them in perpetuity."

Exec -- who will be repping pics including the Frank Oz-helmed "Death at a Funeral," helmer Kasi Lemmons latest project and Billy Ray's "Breach" -- added that star-driven fare is not as surefire with foreign buyers as it once was.

Middletown at Cardiff Film Festival

Thanks to perfectlymatte of MM Online for this find. Middletown will be shown at the Cardiff Film Festival on 13Middletown November 2006 at Cineworld 15.

You can book the event online using the link below.

Cardiff Film Festival

There is an audience award on the website where you can vote for a favourite film by text or online ...get your votes in!!

Middletown: Eva Birthistle Interview

Sunday Times

October 29, 2006

Interview: Dye another day

Eva Birthistle's steely determination has taken her from Glenroe to her role in the ‘intense' film Middletown. But she doesn't always want to be serious, discovers Paul Byrne


It was the kind of part that most young actresses would jump at, a regular role in Ireland's longest-running drama. Yet scarcely had Eva Birthistle, then barely in her twenties, made her screen debut in Glenroe than she began to feel restless.

IMFD Brazilian DVD

Thanks to Mrs Q of the Pemberworth forum, we have an image of the cover of In My Father's Den in Brazil. Personally, I much prefer this one for obvious reasons. IMFD Brazilian DVD
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