First Image of Matthew in DAAF

Thanks to Kimmel International (SKE) First Image of Matthew in DAAF

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Frank the Monkey: The Entertainment Guide for Dublin (2006)


Directed By: Brian Kirk

Cast: Matthew Macfayden, Daniel Mays, Eva Birthistle, Gerard McSorley

Reviewed By: Victoria Lock

Banana rating:


The opening scenes of Middletown waste no time in appealing directly to sympathetic emotions, by revealing two younger brothers – one of them sorely mistreated by a demanding and unfair father (McSorley), while the other is praised for his intelligence and declared to have ‘the gift’ required of a man who lives his life serving God.

The simple framing and raw images of a rural Protestant church in a tiny Northern Irish town introduce a complex and dark story. Fifteen years later, Gabriel Hunter (Matthew Macfayden) is due to arrive back in his hometown to replace the now elderly Reverend, after spending most of his life “doing God’s work” abroad. His brother Jim (Daniel Mays), who now works for the family business, is struggling with poverty, trying to support a pregnant wife, and struggles still more for his father’s approval.

German Group buys DAAF

Tele Munchen ties up AFM deals (including Death at a Funeral)

by Erik Kirschbaum


BERLIN — Tele Munchen Group announced Wednesday it had acquired German language rights to a batch of pics in the works in deals completed since AFM.

The films, which will be distribbed in Germany through Concorde Filmverleih, include "In the Valley of Elah," directed and penned by Paul Haggis, with Tommy Lee Jones searching for his missing son with the help of Charlize Theron as a cop.

Other include "Sleuth," helmed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Michael Caine, who featured in the original in 1973, and Jude Law; "Horsemen," a thriller with Dennis Quaid and Zhang Ziyi; "The Hurt Locker," helmed by Kathryn Bigelow, about a group of soldiers in Baghdad; "Death at a Funeral," by helmer Franz Oz; and "Make it Happen" from dance specialist Bille Wood-ruff.

Vote for Matthew

From Mrs Q....Wink

How about appointing him "Wapo de Noviembre" 2006, i.e., beautiful of November (wapo is for guapo, I guess).

It's a Spanish
website. You can vote every 10 mn. It's ordered by first name (scroll down and Matthew is between Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Perry).

We need to beat down Elijah Wood, James McAvoy, Tobey Maguire, Pierce Brosnan and Wentworth Miller. That should be easy!

Go Matthew!

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