"What our writers love this week"

Misha Berson of the Seattle Times had the following to say:

"Matthew Macfadyen

He was a smoldering Mr. Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice." Now he is David Frost's anxious TV producer in the Oscar-nominated film "Frost/Nixon" and one of the very few men of honor in Dickensian London on the upcoming PBS television adaptation of "Little Dorrit" (beginning March 29). Oh, and he was swell as a superspy early in the BBC espionage series, "MI-5," too. Now if we could just pronounce the name of this handsome and versatile English actor: Matthew Macfadyen."

(thanks to lizziej for the link)

Misha, you can hear how Matthew pronounces his name below (from the intro to Stories We Could Tell)

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