Succession: The Times Interview (28 July, 2018)

The Times has interviewed Matthew Macfadyen for the upcoming airing of Succession in the UK.  Succession will begin with 9 of the 10 episodes released on August 2 on Sky Atlantic at 9 pm.

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America’s first family were firmly in the cast and creative teams’ minds when the show started filming. “We had the read-through for the pilot in New York on the morning of the election,” says Macfadyen.


“There is something very therapeutic about being really nasty. It was such fun,” he says jovially over a cup of tea in his PR’s central London office. 


Tom is not a nice guy. Or is he? Just a little bit? He’s certainly Succession’s most fascinating character and secret weapon. You are agog to see how he’ll behave.

Matthew has been one of the standout hits in the US during HBO's current airing of Succession.