Succession: More Early Reviews

The Matthew Macfadyen ("Tom") centric reviews, of course


Matthew Macfadyen, a sleazy standout


Each family member follows his lead in their own deranged way, particularly Macfadyen, who brings into each scene an aura of menace and the stench of impostor’s flop sweat.

Collider gives it 4 stars

NY Times (possible spoiler!)


The ridiculousness can sneak up on you. In the second episode, Logan Roy is hospitalized after suffering a stroke. With Kendall and Roman vying to step into the role of C.E.O. as their father lays potentially dying, their sister, the aptly nicknamed Shiv (short for Siobhan, played by the Australian actress Sarah Snook) is surprised when her boyfriend, Tom, an executive in Waystar Royco’s amusement park division, drops to his knees in the I.C.U. and presents her with a ring. Matthew Macfadyen (“MI: 5,” “Howard’s End”), who plays Tom, toggles between conniving striver and hapless corporate shill, so the cosmically inappropriate timing of his marriage proposal is both funny and pathetic. (As is Shiv’s reaction: “Seriously? What is it about my dad dying in a sterile environment that screams big romantic gesture to you?”)