Succession: Exclusive Cast Talks HBO Succession at NY Premiere

The Knockturnal has posted cast interviews from the premiere.  You can read the full interviews HERE.

Matthew Macfadyen – “Tom”

Can you describe your character in three words?

Matthew Macfadyen: A f*cking idiot. That’s not very good is it?

Can you talk about your character’s relationship to the Roy family?

Matthew Macfadyen: So I’m the fiancé of the daughter of the patriarch, whose played by Brian Cox. I work for the company. I’m head of parks, so I work for the parks division. I’m in love with her, but I’m also keen to be in the family firm and get embedded as much as possible.

What drew you to this project?

Matthew Macfadyen: I just thought the writing was a hoot. I thought it was really fun. Great cast and I hadn’t played an American before so that was a big draw and shooting in Manhattan 

What can viewers expect from your character throughout the season?

Matthew Macfadyen: It’s a lot of fun with me and Nick Braun who plays Greg. He and I have a sort of love-hate, mostly hate. A kind of nasty, masochistic relationship so that’s sort of fun. It’s got a lovely progression all the way through.

What was your experience like on set?

Matthew Macfadyen: Lovely. Really good. Great actors. Great writers. The writers were there all the time. Happy shoot. We shot the last two episodes in the UK, so I could be near my family which made it even better.