Matthew Macfadyen Interview with Gentleman's Journal (August 2018)

Succession’s Matthew Macfadyen wants a word.

The star of HBO's hit new show Succession talks Mr. Darcy, #metoo and the Murdochs

This is the title of the interview The Gentleman's Mens Journal recently did with Matthew Macfadyen.

That is to say, he is in equal measure interesting and interested. Oh — and incredibly patient.

About his character Tom Wamsgans in 'Succession':

For Macfadyen, it is the chance to “flex different muscles” and he confesses that he’s been lucky. “I think in a funny way that you fall in love with every part you play”, he says, “playing Tom was such fun, because it was something totally different and sort of silly”.

About his other roles:

The conversation again returns to the theme of iconic characters in literature, of whom Macfadyen has undeniably taken on his fair share. Does he feel the pressure to match heavy audience expectation? “People are proprietorial over those characters, but actually it’s fine. And you’re one of many. People would ask me ‘aren’t you nervous to be taking on the role of Henry Wilcox, following in the footsteps of Anthony Hopkins?’ but it’s really just a treat to have a bash at it — because it’s inevitably going to be different.”

Be sure to read the full interview HERE.  Photos Credit to Gentleman’s Journal (@thegentsjournal) and Andrew Whitton. Thank you for sharing!