Matthew Macfadyen attends The Bank Job Premier with wife Keeley Hawes

Chloe went to The Bank Job premier and managed to see both Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes there.

She had some comments about Matthew's appearance:

A[t] first I barely recognised Matthew, because he looked soooo young (younger than I remember from Pain and the Itch), his hair seems lighter-coloured and his glasses are different. But as he came closer and glanced briefly into the crowd, I was able to see his full face and it was unmistakably him. He was wearing a dark blue velvet jacket and jeans and looked happy and well.

You can read all of her comments in the forum under Matthew Encounters Part 2. There are several videos and a photo. I have included one of the videos below which shows Matthew, standing tall, on the left with his back to the camera. He will move up to Keeley and put his arm around her.