Howards End:Matthew Macfadyen reveals why he almost turned down Howards End (Radio Times)

Matthew Macfadyen spoke with Radio Times about a variety of topics including his fear of being typecast.

We are in a hotel bar in New York, where he is based while filming Succession, an HBO comedy drama written by Jesse Armstrong about a media dynasty in which he plays an “idiot” son-in-law to Brian Cox’s patriarch. After the stringencies of Edwardian England, he says he’s finding Succession “delicious”. 


Back in Howards End, Macfadyen is tremendous in the role of Henry Wilcox, somehow making his relationship with Margaret Schlegel seem one not of expediency but real romance. “There’s a wonderful scene where they’re arguing about capitalism, and it’s great, because I see both their points of view. It’s so nuanced,” he says. The anti-Twitter, I suggest. “Precisely.”

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Howards End begins tonight on BBC One at 9 pm