Howards End: The Times interview with Matthew Macfadyen

Matthew Macfadyen — the paterfamilias of Howards End

The star of Howards End talks period drama beards and ‘only connecting’ with Alex O’Connell in today's The Times.

We are in a pub in Richmond, southwest London, near Macfadyen’s home in Twickenham, where he lives with his wife, the actress Keeley Hawes, and their children. Macfadyen is back in London briefly from New York, where he has been shooting Succession, an HBO series about a media family. He has to return to America hours after we part and reveals that he is going to watch episode three of Howards End on the flight — he hasn’t seen the last two episodes in the four-part adaptation by Kenneth Lonergan (who won an Oscar for his screenplay for Manchester by the Sea). “It’s not that I avoid it, but I don’t always watch what I’ve done,” he says. “I try to preserve the memory of doing it, the fun of doing it. It’s lovely and untouched. Sometimes it’s great watching, but sometimes it’s, like, ‘Oh no!’ because it was never like it was in your imagination.”

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