Howards End: TCA '17 Roundup

On July 28, the executive produce and the cast of Howards End were present at TCA 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.  The four hourlong episodes will air in 2018.

Here are some interesting comments from the stars:

Hayley Atwell said “I think Kenny Lonergan’s adaptation is very fresh and has a lot of energy to it. There are many scenes with overlapped dialogue, so even though we stuck to the script, the script had this fantastic lightness and touch to it, and wit.”

Tracy Ullman, who plays Margaret’s Aunt Juley, said “I’m a working-class girl, and the class system perpetuates in my country and in this country, too—and that’s what fascinates me,” “And it’s still tough for girls—curious, liberal girls like Margaret and Helen.”

Atwell: “We had this joke that the dark side of the story is that Meg is slowly emasculating, infantilizing, Mr. Wilcox,”  “One of the last things he says in the scripts is ‘Have I done wrong?’ Before then, he’s a man who’s so certain and so stoic and everything he does is right.”

An example of the joke, is a post that Hayley Atwell posted on instagram.

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You can see photos of the event:
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