Howards End: Matthew Macfadyen interview: ‘I have a horror of playing the same part over and over again’ (Telegraph 4 November 2017)

Matthew Macfadyen has given an interview to the Telegraph mainly to discuss his upcoming role in Howards End, which is to begin on Sunday 12 November on BBC One.

Matthew discusses his take as Henry Wilcox and his fear of being typecast:

Wary of getting typecast, before Howards End came along he had issued a self-imposed ban on playing, in his words, “buttoned-up Englishmen slathered in tweed. That’s the horror, for me, getting stale, playing the same part over again.”

He also discusses his future/unreleased projects such as "The Current War" which was originally supposed to be released in the US around the Thanksgiving holidays, but has now been postponed due to the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

“I met him [Weinstein] briefly on set a few times,” says Macfadyen. “Like so many actors I had heard stories about the kind of guy he was. But the sheer scale of it is horrifying.”

About the HBO production of Succession, which is currently filming in New York:

“I play a vaguely sweet American who’s also a bit of a dickhead. It’s a million miles away from Henry Wilcox. It’s a lovely tonic."

Be sure to read the full interview at the Telegraph