Howards End: Episode 1 Reviews

Radio Times

Wow, that was a satisfying, sumptuous piece of television. E.M Forster’s brilliant Edwardian novel was brought to vivid life on Sunday night in another BBC period drama success story that was a feast for the eyes and the mind.

Matthew Macfadyen’s performance as Henry Wilcox captures perfectly the character’s intriguing mixture of affability and aggression. This is a subtle and convincing portrait of family that can be generous and welcoming but, when it is threatened, pulls rank and lashes out at outsiders.

The Guardian:

It moves at a stately pace – possibly shading into plodding at times. A careful, almost worthy air hangs round it but this may disperse once the plot – such as it is – gets going next week.

That said, it is a timely remake.

The Telegraph: 5 Stars

Hayley Atwell shone out as the well-intentioned if emotionally repressed Margaret. But she was matched by Matthew Macfadyen, bluffly charismatic as Wilcox paterfamilias Henry, and Julia Ormond exuding maternal poise as his wife.

...this was a drama that radiated quality at every turn. From the outset there was a sense of vivid intelligence at work, a tangible impression that this is a piece in which ideas really matter.

The List:

...Howards End stands out as a wonderful, charming and intelligent adaptation.