Ashes to Ashes: Keeley & Matthew interview (Feb 2008)

The Daily Record published a really lovely interview with Keeley and (briefly ) Matthew to promote A2A.  Some real insights in to domestic bliss.

Watch out for Matthew in one of the episodes of Ashes to Ashes, where he makes a guest appearance. "It was hysterical", she said, "He wore this huge mullet wig. I could not wait for him to take it off. Every time I went near him on the set he got very defensive. He kept on telling me 'Mind the mullet, mind the mullet.'"

Matthew is taking things "very quietly" at the moment, he says, appearing over Keeley's shoulder. "I rather like being a house husband," he admitted. "For the moment." He made his name as Darcy in Pride and Prejudice in the film version with Keira Knightley. His proud wife said: "Being Darcy in Pride and Prejudice the other year certainly hasn't harmed his career. "There have been lots of scripts arriving. A lot of them have come from the States, which is gratifying for him, but believe me the majority of them are not great works of art."

When they are not working, the couple often take breaks with their kids in Scotland, and they've found an idyllic spot in the Highlands. She said: "We've been there a few times - but the first visit was very memorable. We started to wonder why strangers kept asking us if we'd come up to see Greg and Emma. Nearly everyone who stopped us had the same question.

"For a while we wondered who this couple we'd never heard of actually were, and why would visit them? "And then we looked at each other and twigged what it was all about. We realised they meant Emma Thompson and Greg Wise, who have a holiday home in the Highlands. "There's even been talk of us buying somewhere in Scotland in a few years. The only drawback is the midges."

After her stint in the Eighties, Keeley hopes to return to the theatre. She said: "I love doing stage work. It wouldn't matter which theatre, as long as it was a really good script. "And I'd love to work with Matthew again at some time. "

At the moment, we've got a very good arrangement. If I'm filming, Matthew is at home with the kids. If he's doing something, then I look after them. So we've never ever had to think about a nanny, mainly because we've also got the blessing of doting and accessible mothers on hand."

As well as being a mother and TV actress Keeley still has one ambition: "I'd like to make a horror film", she chuckles. "I love the genre, they look like a lot of fun to do. "I also love thrillers, but I'm a total nightmare to watch them with because I sit trying to work out what is going to happen, and who is about to do what to whom - and why. "I then have the dreadful habit of telling Matthew the ending I've figured out. It drives him batty."