Welcome to Karastan or Lost in Karastan

Lost in Karastan: A Review from the Montreal Film Festival

Lost in Karastan (aka "Epic" and "Welcome to Karastan" had its World Premiere at the Montreal Film Festival today and we were lucky enough to have forum member Sylvie attend.  She has posted an extensive review of the film in the forum (you must be a member to read it).  She has been careful not to give away the ending, yet there may be spoilers, so beware!

Below are some of the comments from Sylvie:

  • There has been confustion as to the name of the movie, but it is promoted as Lost in Karastan at the film festival
  • While the movie is described as a "dark comedy" and there were plenty of smiles and laughter, "dark" summarizes the film better
  • This is an indie film rather than a Hollywood production
  • The characters are endearing and the actors superb
  • Matthew Macfadyen's character, Emil Forester, is described as a "good man"

In Sylvie's own words:

As far as I am concerned, the movie is not a "thriller", as those filmed in Hollywood, but a reflexion on our modern world that has had more than its share of dictatorships, the illusion of power and fame, fear in the people, loyalty and real values. The actors did a great job. Matthew [Macfadyen]- always as handsome! - plays well the washed-up film-maker Emil Forester. This is not Mr. Darcy, Sir Felix or Stiva. This is a man who feels for others, who knows what fear is, who is willing to see things as they are in the end.


All in all, this is a good movie, a movie that makes people think.

For more details and impressions of the other actors/characters, please visit the forum!


Welcome to Karastan/Lost in Karastan: Dates available for Montreal Film Festival 2014

The program (in English and French) is now available for the Montreal Film Festival.  Lost in Karastan will be shown on 23 and 24 August at the times below.

Ben Hopkins.; Royaume-Uni - Géorgie; 96 min.; Anglais s.t.f.

23 août 11h30 CI.23.2
23 août 21h30 CI.23.6
24 août 16h30 CI.24.4

Un réalisateur sans succès se retrouve à un festival dans la République autonome du Karastan et accepte de tourner un film sur un héros national, malgré le coup d'État qui se prépare.

When down-on-his-luck filmmaker Emil Forester is invited to Karastan for a restrospective of his 2½ films, he jumps at the chance. But Karastan is a far complicated place than he imagined. 

(thank you luce for the find!)

Welcome to Karastan/Lost in Karastan: More info from Montreal Film Fest 2014

The Montreal Film Festival takes place from August 21 TO September 1, 2014, in Montreal, Canada, and Lost in Karastan (AKA Welcome to Karastan AKA Epic) will be part of the "World Competition - Feature Films" selection.

You can read more about it on the press release.

(Thanks to Chris, Jasmine, and Sylvie!)

Lost in Karastan: Trailer

There is some confusion as to the name of the movie.  Initially it was called Epic, the director is calling it Welcome to Karastan, but a producer is calling it Lost in Karastan.  Here's a trailer!

LOST IN KARASTAN from Stealth Media Group on Vimeo.

Welcome to Karastan: to be shown at Montreal Film Festival 2014

Welcome to Karastan (aka Epic, aka Lost in Karastan) will be an official selection at the Montreal World Film Festival 2014 accordintg to the Stealth Media Group.

The festival runs from August 21 - Sept 1

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