Middletown: release update

The UK Film council have changed their general release date again for Middletown.

Distributed by VERVE PICTURES
Release date: February 28, 2007"

Last month they had it as 31st Jan. Verve Pictures have no more information either. Amazon still have the DVD as being available from March.

A bunch of gallery updates !

Thanks to 6point7, sissicat and Emily, we have a bunch of exciting new images of Matthew. 6point7 has also uploaded a scan from Esquire Magazine which includes a Matthew Macfadyen interview. Also, she has uploaded a fabulous photo of Matthew with Jane Featherstone from the Five Women in Film event!

I can't thank all of you enough for sharing this will all of us!Smile

I have included a small teaser of an image from Esquire magazine and a small quote:

 ... but I don't want to see actors I really admire in Heat doing their shopping

Too late for you and Keeley, unfortunately!

A bunch of gallery updates !

New pics

Rex features published photos of Matthew and Keeley out shopping. Only little tiny images. I wonder why the sudden paparazzi interest??

New pics

4th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards

Thanks for Mrs Q! for finding this:

The nominations for the 4th annual Irish Film and Television Awards have been announced. Read more for the full details.

Middletown shows poor return at the Irish Box Office

Middletown, which starred Matthew Macfadyen, was shown in only four cinemas and generated €14,800.

Irish cinemagoers turned out in droves to lap up Hollywood blockbusters last year, but locally made films failed their big-screen test. Despite the government giving more than €40m to the film industry, Irish movies took only €5m from the country’s €104m box-office bonanza.

This was reported in the Sunday Times

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