Some comments about Matthew Macfadyen in Anna Karenina by reviewers

I've compiled some comments made by the current majority of reviews that I could find. These are what the reviewers had to say about Matthew Macfadyen as Stiva Oblonsky in Anna Karenina

Matthew ­Macfadyen is a ­comedy delight as plump but philandering Oblonsky

stand-outs include Law as Anna’s staid spouse (you’ll shudder at his little box) and a boisterous Macfadyen as Anna’s brother

In an all-British cast, Matthew MacFadyen stands out as Anna’s horny, insouciant brother Oblonsky, while Jude Law pleasingly reins himself in as her husband Karenin -- a dull, virtuous public man.

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Matthew MacFayden is enjoyably broad, a world away from his Mr. Darcy, as Oblonsky, threatening, but never quite managing to, tip into caricature, and his approach pays off beautifully with a single heartbreaking shot near the end.

a terrific performance by Matthew Macfadyen, offering genial comedy to the role

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the film also benefits from supporting roles played by Matthew Macfadyen, Kelly Macdonald, and Emily Watson.

The supporting acting from Law, Kelly Macdonald, Matthew Macfadyen, Ruth Wilson and Domhnall Gleeson is committed.

Matthew Macfadyen, offering amusing comic relief