Ripper Street S3: RTE Interview with the stars of Ripper Street

RTE has interviewed the stars of Ripper Street: Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothenberg.  The full interview can be read HERE

And excerpt from Matthew about cancellation and fan reaction: 

Matthew Macfadyen (plays Detective Inspector Edmund Reid): It [fan reaction] was lovely. It was flattering, and gratifying. I think you know when a show is running out of steam and that's fine, because they do. But I didn't feel like it was. I think as actors you're used to... You don't know what's going on and you're sort of buffeted around job to job. But I think, certainly for the writers, the creators and the producers, it [the cancellation] was sort of a bigger deal in a way. There's so much work and thought [put into it]- years and years and years - and then suddenly it's off.

It must be a big motivation for you all that the show has come back from the dead.
Matthew Macfadyen: You want it to be as good as it can be, always. We did a couple of weeks in Manchester before we arrived in Dublin. But coming to Clancy [Barracks] was lovely because we've done two years [series] and it was a lovely feeling because the crew was back together.

About his character Reid:
Matthew Macfadyen: Reid's been making an archive. He's become very insular and a bit odd. He's made this enormous archive in Leman Street [police station], cataloguing every villain and ne'er-do-well, snitch and everything – sort of like a first computer database. His eyesight's getting worse and he's very lonely.

Be sure to read the full RTE interview.

Ripper Street begins 14 November on Amazon Instant Video in the UK