Ripper Street: Reviews of Episode 3 "The King Came Calling"

Here are three reviews from Episode 3 of Ripper Street "The King Came Calling".  Be careful of spoilers in each of the reviews if you click the links (as I hope you do!)

Independent Blog


 Luckily to shake up the dynamic was the presence of Inspector Sydney Ressler (Patrick Baladi), the head of the Square Mile who created tension with a police turf war between himself and Reid. While the pair battled for authority there was also a synergy as they worked together to solve the case.

Digital Spy


Don't be fooled by the period setting and impressive production design, this show is far from classy fare, but it remains rollicking good fun nevertheless. "Who are you?" a lady of the night asks our heroes at one point. "The police, wench!" Jerome Flynn's Bennet Drake barks back. Yes, Ripper Street is fast becoming The Sweeney 1889.

Den of Geek

 It may be set over a hundred years ago but Reid, in many ways, is the most modern copper on the box. More of this please, just perhaps not before dinner.