Ripper Street: More from Winter TCA 2013

IGN has an article about the panel for Ripper Street as does the LA Times.

IGN had this to say from Matthew Macfadyen: 

Though it is period, what interested the creators and the cast is that the characters would actually consider themselves, "quite modern," Macfadyen says.

Adding: "They would have felt incredibly cutting edge."

"I found Reid fascinating because he’s not a stock detective character, he's a modern and forward looking man rather than a jaded copper," Macfayden says.

LA Times had the following comment from Matthew: 

The three main stars said that even though the premise is morbid, there was a lot of lightness on the set, due mainly to their great chemistry. Said Macfayden:  "The blacker the subject, the more hilarity there was on set."